We work with some of the most endangered animals across the world in countries such as Galapagos, India, Madagascar and the Caribbean Islands, taking action within the animal’s habitats and securing their future through captive breeding or research within our wildlife park.

Durrell makes a difference

Around the world, 63 endangered species have undergone major recoveries since the 1980s thanks to conservation.  Durrell has led or supported projects on 12% of these!  Here are just 3 examples of our effectiveness...

  • ​7400%

  • ​4900%

  • 2757%

  • Mauritius kestrel​
    Before Durrell = 4
    After Durrell = 350

  • Echo Parakeet
    Before Durrell = 10
    After Durrell = 500

  • Rodrigues fruit bat
    Before Durrell = 350
    After Durrell = 10,000

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Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you. So that we may continue to make a difference to the many animals, habitats and local communities with which we work, it is vital that this support continues.

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